Patternologie Dawn Critchley

Learn how to

create real digital art for surface pattern design

Patternologie provides live tutor contact-based courses to and one-to-one coaching help you create real-digital art for surface pattern design using Procreate on the iPad. My courses are perfect if you are looking to explore what’s possible in the world of digital design.

Patternologie Dawn Critchley

Creative business owners

Are you a creative business owner looking to streamline your creative process? Perhaps you want to explore new possibilities when it comes to your art? I can help you create beautiful digital artwork more intuitively without losing the intricate handcrafted qualities of traditional art, allowing you to explore new possibilities for your artwork. To see examples of what is possible when it comes to digitally created designs, take a look at my gallery page.

Patternologie Dawn

Art inspired by nature

My real-digital art courses are inspired by nature and designed to be explorative and creative, with an emphasis on building a close connection with nature via specially designed tutor-led online courses. All my courses provide a calm and supportive learning experience, with simple transitions from traditional to digital art. 


Creating digital art on your iPad allows you to have creative freedom, you don’t need huge amounts of space or even a designated studio area. You can create designs on the go: in a coffee shop, on a train or even from the comfort of your own sofa. You have a fully functional art studio and print room at your disposal; with all the equipment and materials you could ever need squirrelled away in your bag! 


Current Courses

Creating digital art doesn’t have to be scary or compromise your creative process. It offers more freedom to explore and experiment without worrying about using up valuable art materials or spending time setting up, making a mess and then cleaning up again! You’ll be left with more time to focus on creating your beautiful designs. What’s not to love? Digital artwork is, by nature, ready for you to apply to a range of new and exciting products, providing new ways to diversify your business and generate income.

practise procreate

Practice Procreate £15.00

Procreate practice lessons. They say practice makes perfect! This course is designed for you to dip into as required.

Navigate procreate

Navigate Procreate - Free!

Free up your creativity using Procreate! Learn the basics.

Watercolour procreate tutorial

Wren Tutorial & Practise Procreate £35.00

Course Bundle: Procreate follow along watercolour tutorial of the little Wren illustration with access to a total of nine practise demos to refer to as often as you need providing a little extra learning support.


Supportive community

I’m here to support you as you learn new techniques and experiment with technology, whilst keeping traditional art skills at the heart of your work. The courses are the perfect introduction to help you build your digital art skills for pattern design. You will also be welcomed into our supportive online community group of like-minded creatives. Take a look at the courses available here or book a one-to-one session with me for an initial chat.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about me, my background and experience, and how I can help you, head over to my about page to read my story.  I’d love for you to join me in the exploration of creating new and exciting digital artwork!