Learn how to

create real digital art for surface pattern design

Unleash your creativity & learn how to make exciting art using Procreate on your Ipad. Join me in exploring how to create painterly art with authentic texture perfect for the creation of surface pattern designs.

Current Courses

Practice Procreate

Procreate practice lessons. They say practice makes perfect! This course is designed for you to dip into as required.

Navigate Procreate

Free up your creativity using Procreate! Learn the basics.

Wren Tutorial & Practise Procreate

Course Bundle: Procreate follow along watercolour tutorial of the little Wren illustration with access to a total of nine practise demos to refer to as often as you need providing a little extra learning support.

Nature inspired art prints for the home

 Prints created by Dawn Critchley, inspired by nauture. Shop prints available to buy from the shop.