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The Patternologist

Hello! I’m Dawn and it’s lovely to meet you. I’m the owner of a creative business just like you and I have a passion for nature and surface pattern design.


My design career started back in 2006, just after finishing my surface pattern degree. I have been fortunate enough to have worked within design teams for homeware brands including Harrods and Liberties of London, designing and producing home textiles, stationery, ceramics and greeting cards. 

I have always used Photoshop and Illustrator within the workplace and, more recently, I discovered a real passion for creating artwork on the iPad using Procreate. I found it offered so many design possibilities, which was incredibly liberating! There was a learning curve to navigate but, with drive and determination, I overcame any initial overwhelm and, when I saw just what I could create, there was no stopping me! My journey inspired me to help fellow creatives discover the freedom of digital art for surface pattern design.


Connection with nature

I have always loved the outdoors and my very first job was actually in an outdoor setting! I now find it such a natural place to be creative. I love exploring the outdoors and find myself feeling truly relaxed and inspired whenever I’m in this environment and my courses aim to share that feeling and connection with you.

Prior to the pandemic I was all set to launch Patternologie, I was so excited! It was my dream project, I found creating wallpaper designs inspired by nature such a joy. But my plans were about to take a different direction. During the many lockdown periods nature became a place of solace for many of us, a place to escape the four walls we’d become used to. Spending time in nature offered a space to find peace, re-energise and reflect.  

I took this time and opportunity to focus on the things that were important to me, my plans seemed to flow naturally in a new direction and, when I was asked to teach on the surface pattern design modules at the University of Staffordshire, I jumped at the chance. I love passing my experience on to the students and seeing their passion and enthusiasm for the subject I love; everything just fell into place at exactly the right time.


The synergy of traditional and digital art 

During my master’s degree I started to explore digital media for surface pattern design and you can see examples of my work on my Gallery page. I was a little hesitant at first as I felt I might lose the qualities of more traditional techniques. I did some experimenting and discovered new ways to recreate hand-painted artwork with authenticity. I was instantly impressed with the convenience of digital art and how efficient my own workflow had become. I could effortlessly create wherever or whenever I wanted and with less equipment. Discovering digital art allowed me to become much more mobile and I no longer had to try to find the space to store everything! Gone were the days of cupboards stuffed with art materials and the ever-growing sheets of artwork stored under the bed!   


How I can help

Navigating your way around the Procreate app can initially be quite frustrating. Don’t worry, I was there too and I really can relate! If you’d rather just get on with creating beautiful artwork and begin to use the app more intuitively, you can! It’s easier than you think and I can help.

As a traditional practicing artist, I can help to guide you through the process and ease any initial concerns that you may have. I have developed reference tools for speeding up your learning, along with exciting surface pattern design projects and live tutoring support, so you can concentrate on being creative. You’ll benefit from the added bonus of being part of a supportive creative community and I also offer one-to-one support.

If you’ve got any questions about the courses and support I offer, just drop me an email I’d love to hear from you!

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