Patternologie Dawn Critchley


I am here to guide you through a series of live online courses, pre-recorded demos and one-to-one coaching designed to help you learn new skills creating digital art for pattern design, whilst enhancing your creative processes.

You will be experimenting with digital art practices to make an easy transition into using real-digital art. The courses focus on the synergy of traditional art inspired by nature and digital art processes, using the Apple iPad, Apple pencil and the Procreate app to create surface pattern designs.

You will have real-time tutor contact with real-time demonstrations and a supporting library of practise resources to access whilst on the course. The courses are project based and designed to give practical purpose to your learning, helping to keep you engaged and growing in confidence as part of a calm and supportive environment.

To take part in the following courses you will need: Apple iPad, Apple pencil and the Procreate app installed on your iPad. To find out more about Procreate iPad specifications click here

Practice Procreate £15.00

They say practice makes perfect! This course is designed for you to dip into as required with individual practise lessons.

Navigate Procreate - Free

Free up your creativity using Procreate! Learn the basics for Navigate procreate Free Download

Wren Tutorial & Practise Procreate £35.00

Course Bundle: Procreate follow along watercolour tutorial of the little Wren illustration with access to a total of nine practise demos to refer to as often as you need providing a little extra learning support.

real digital art course

Silk Scarf Design

This new six week course launching in 2022 is designed with small business owners in mind who wish to create digital art that retains the handcrafted qualities of more traditional techniques. It introduces you to the skills required to create repeat patterns and design motifs that contain real-digital art qualities. 

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Creative Coaching

Want to reinvigorate your creativity? We all get creative blocks from time to time. Creative coaching brings you the clarity, desire, and inclination you need to start doing what you love.  Book me for a creative conversation, together we can brainstorm your ideas and help you get inspired.