Wren Tutorial & Practise Procreate


The downloadable self paced course workbook is designed for you to take control of you own learning, you can access the demo videos via links in the ebook as often as you feel you need to, creating a flexible learning environment so you can relax and enjoy the experience!

Also included as a bonus is full free access to the Practise Procreate module.

Watercolour Wren tutorial

I am really excited to be sharing this tutorial with you, it will take you through the process of how I create my bird illustrations, from initial sketch to painting & creating the background. I hope you enjoy!


Included with the tutorial & available to download

  • Reference photo of the Wren
  • Watercolour texture paper – procreate file

Links to items used in the demo:

Brushes: Aqua Real – Watercolour brushes by Liza Glanz, you can purchase them here on the designcutz.com website. You can alternatively use Procreates pre-installed brushes.

Screen Protector: I use a screen protector that feels like paper to draw on & provides better control when sketching, it also protects the screen from scratches. The matt surface makes it good to use outdoors reducing the glare of the sun. The brand I use is Paperlike but there are many others very similar to buy on the market. The screen protector is not is not a requirement to complete this course. 

Areas we will cover in the tutorial:

  • Setting up watercolour paper & installing onto Procreate
  • Organising layers
  • Setting up & working with a reference image
  • Create colour palette from the reference photo
  • Making the sketch
  • Adjustments & scale 
  • Working with clipping masks
  • Painting with watercolour brushes and the various effects to blend & create watercolour paper texture 
  • Building colours & adding details
  • Working with colour palette
  • Using stamp brushes
  • Adding final details to the artwork

Tip: I highly recommend that if you are new to the Procreate app to complete to the Navigating Procreate & Practise Procreate modules included in this course before you start on the Watercolour Wren tutorial.

What you will need:

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple pencil
  • Procreate app installed on your iPad – To find out more about Procreate iPad specifications click here

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